Planning is an art.
Horizon treats it that way.

High-level resource planning

Horizon lets you see the bigger picture. Optimize your company's efficiency with minimal effort.

More art than science

Horizon is not about being right or exact. Neither is planning. It’s about overview, insight, and thinking about where you’re going.

Use color creatively

Colors play a central role in Horizon. They're not just a way to distinguish between areas – they are a way to attach meaning to different types of work.

Bring your plans to life

Show off your works of art to your team. We offer to ship your plans once a month on quality paper and in vibrant colors.

Let your plans send a message

Share your plans with your colleagues to show them what they will be working on, and where you are headed as a team.

Big, reusable canvas

Plan, move around, curse, start from scratch, plan some more. Horizon makes it very easy to try different arrangements until you get it right.