A new kind of resource planner

Horizon is still about listing your resources, projects, and who will be occupied by what. But that’s where the similarities stop. Learn more by scrolling down or choosing one of the topics below!

Keep a high-level overview

Sure, the short-term is important. But if you don’t spend some time looking a little further into the future, you might miss important threats and opportunities.

Horizon forces you to stop losing yourself in the details. No detailed controls, no zooming to focus on a particular day. Plan your resources and projects in terms of weeks and months. Only then will you notice things you couldn’t notice before.

Easily spot inefficiencies in your team

Employees are expensive, so making sure everyone is working on something useful is important. With Horizon, it becomes very easy to spot when someone will be available and when they have enough work on their hands. Use this knowledge to put your people to good use every day of the year.

Know how much time projects are costing

By indicating how many days per week everyone is working on a certain project, you can get a quick estimate of how much time a project is taking you to finish. While planning ahead, keep an eye on this piece of information to make sure you’re still in control and things are moving forward.

Share your plans

Let every member of your team know what they will be working on, and who they will be working with All you have to do is send them the link, and they’ll be able to view (but not edit!) the latest version of your plan. Or send the link to a superior and make sure they have an idea of the great work you’re doing as well.

Both practical and beautiful

There’s no step-by-step process for setting up a great plan. That’s why Horizon has all the tools to quickly create, move around, resize, duplicate and delete. At the same time, beautiful color themes are used to attach meaning to projects and give Horizon an artistic look and feel.